Sean Parker-Perry

Sean has been involved in the biking industry for the last 10 years as the Founder and Director of Papillion Motorcycle Safety Ltd, Greater Manchester’s largest DVSA approved training facility.

30 years riding

Learning to ride motorcycles over 30 years ago Sean studied an apprenticeship in motorcycle Instructing and became approved by the DVSA in 2010 with a further rating to teach ‘big’ bikes in 2011.

Training and Safety

In 2013 he became the Founder and Director of Papillion Motorcycle Safety Ltd which provided all aspects of motorcycle training to the public, charities and large corporations from all over the UK.

As part of the services provided we also gave advice to Solicitors, accident victims, Insurance companies and Local Authorities.

Strontium 9 Zero

In 2019 Papillion Motorcycle Safety Ltd was sold and Sean transferred to strontium9zero as our lead professional while he studies Medicine (MChiro) at Manchester University.

Sean Parker-Perry

Principle Instructor

  • Motorcyclist for over 30 years
  • Founding Trustee Manchester BloodBikes
  • Qualified and accredited by DVSA (2010-2019)
  • Special test for Instructors (Gold)
  • Experienced teaching apprentice (down trained) DVSA Instructors
  • Lvl 3 Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC)
  • Bond Solon (Cardiff University) Expert Witness
  • Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers (DVSA)
  • Enhanced Riding Trainer

Sean's Stats

Some impressive numbers Sean has amassed throughout his career.



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